1. Prep 

      The first tip to your plastic surgery recovery is to prepare yourself, mentally,physically, and emotionally. This might seem silly, but trust us when we say, plastic surgery is not just physical! Let’s begin with the mental aspects. It is crucial that you understand the intricacies of plastic surgery and the risk that comes along with any procedure. Do your research! Think about what procedure would be best for your needs and body goals. Nowadays, medical technology has advanced tremendously that you would be doing yourself a disjustice if you do not explore your options! Research your procedure and have multiple consultations with surgeons until you find the right one. Ask questions, even if they feel silly, there are no dumb questions! The surgeon of your choice should make you feel secure and comfortable enough to have an open dialogue. 

    Once this initial step is taken and you have booked your surgery date, you can start by preparing yourself physically. This can mean different things from boosting your iron, incorporating fruits and green vegetables in your diet to give you those essential vitamins. Next, get your body moving with some daily stretching and walking, your body will thank you when you are post op! It would also be a good time to prepare your recovery space. There are many options that you can explore like recovery homes and nurses for professional care. If you are opting to remain at home, set up a room where you have everything you need aka pads to protect bedding against any fluid or blood, have pillows and gauzes, groceries prepped, so you have nothing to worry about when you get back from surgery. 

    Lastly, we encourage you to prepare emotionally. Plastic surgery is just as much an emotional journey as a physical one. It can be very discouraging and even depressing seeing your body during the recovery process. Be patient with yourself and trust the process!

Pro tip: A positive attitude will make a great difference in your recovery.

  1. Hydrate

The next tip is probably the most intuitive, but nonetheless still worth mentioning! Water fuels your immune system and healing functions. Dehydration is actually one of the most common reasons for hospitalization after surgery.So please, remember to stay hydrated! The recommended amount by most surgeons for optimal healing is 64 ounces a water per day.You can add some lemon for the additional kick of Vitamin C. 

Pro tip: Stay away from alcohol!

  1. Eat Clean

Getting plastic surgery does not give you permission to eat whatever you like. Read that again. In all seriousness, there are post op babes that have gained back the weight after their tummy tuck or liposuctions because they did not make a lifestyle change. Eating food high in vitamins like E,D,C and A, as well as,iron protein, and fiber promote wound healing and the formation of scar tissue. Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet is a great way to start!

Pro tip: Stay away from fried foods and dairy!

  1. Wear your faja.

Wearing your post surgical garment is another important step in your recovery journey because it compresses and sculpts your new hourglassfigure. The body always tends to retain liquid and swell up after liposuction or tummy tucks. The purpose of the post op faja is to give your body compression. By staying tight, the garment does not allow your body to keep swelling up! We recommend post surgical garments to be used for 6-8 months post op.

Pro tip: Have a couple of fajas so that you don’t have to do laundry so often!

  1. Lymphatic Massage

Another tip for recovering after plastic surgery is getting lymphatic drainage massage! Like mentioned before your body is going to be swollen and retaining liquid, these post op massages will help drain any liquid and reduce the swelling. The lymphatic techniques were originally developed in Germany to treat lymphedema patients.Throughout time, these techniques found their way to the cosmetic field because the lymphatic system is essential in removal of toxins and regenerating tissues. Specifically what happens when a patient gets a tummy tuck or liposuction, you sever the lymph system original routes resulting in swelling. The lymphatic massage manually stimulates the body’s process to eliminate any fluid build up. It helps reduce overall swelling and contours the body. The feeling during the first couple of massages can be painful because you are still tender, but the benefits are immediate. Post op clients go down several inches in just one session. Keep in mind, internal healing does take several months. Prepare to get massages for the next 4-5 months post op if not more for your upkeep!

Pro tip: Purchase a Lymphatic Massage Package because you will need it after surgery!

May 25, 2022 — Nancy Calle