Meet The Team

Passionate Professionals

Our team of compression professionals have over 10 years of experience and are passionate about guiding you through the recovery process. Our boutique is a one stop shop where we provide services from custom sized garments, alterations, and lymphatic massages. We truly understand the recovery journey and guarantee exceptional service and high quality garments.

High Compression

Compression is key! Specifically, compression garments after surgery are crucial to the recovery journey. Surgical garments benefits include increasing blood circulation, decreasing swelling, and shaping your new figure. Proper compression will also help prevent fibrosis and seromas from occurring. Overall, surgical garments will ensure a faster recovery and maximize surgery results!


Customized compression garments

Over 10 years of experience with matching each body type to their ideal garment. We have a variety of styles and sizes. Our compression garments even have customized sizing to ensure that you are getting proper compression in the correct areas.

Garment Alterations

During the recovery journey, measurements will fluctuate as swelling and inflammation decrease. That is why we offer garment alterations to keep compression tight. We have perfected our alteration techniques throughout our 10 years of experience.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Lymphatic massages and compression garments go hand in hand for a smooth recovery journey! Our massage therapist specializes with post op clients and has over 15 years of experience. Connect with our massage therapist for a free consultation!.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
3 months ago
Great experience, very nice people and very helpful. High quality compression garments and they also offer alterations that was done 24-48hrs. Everything you need for after care surgery you will find here.
— Tasha Cherelus
Customer reviews
a week agoNEW
I had surgery (Lipo 360 + BBL) a few weeks ago and I didn’t realize the importance of having the appropriate faja to help heal and compress during recovery. Sharon has been an amazing reference and has helped me figure out what size, how much compression, which stage, etc., and it has been a huge help in my recovery journey! If you need anything at all, have any questions, (even if you aren’t local), I highly recommend reaching out!
— Stephanie Zayas
Customer reviews
4 months ago
Central FL and the surrounding areas and out of state people if at all possible get your Faja and any alterations done here! When I tell you it’s everything for me, from the moment you call or walk in the door to the seamstress in the back, great customer service! Turn around time is quick 24-48hrs but she does her best to get it back to you the next day. So far I’ve purchased 3 from here and I’ve had 2/3 altered, and 1 from Amazon which also has been altered. Faja Comfort is giving me all the body! Real Colombian Faja giving me the compression I need. You invested all that money to enhance your look, now get the proper compression you need to help you along the way. Hope this helps you all and may you have a beautiful recovery process
— Tequilla B