Shapewear is known as the umbrella term for compression garments that shape the waist and hips. Shapewear has been in women’s fashion throughout the decades going back all the way back to Ancient Greece and Roman times. Faja {pronounced fa-ha} is a Spanish term that is translated into girdle or spanx. Colombia, being one of the world’s largest cosmetic surgery centers,also has fajas known to be stronger and tighter than any other shapewear in the market. They have been a part of the Hispanic culture for many years. They are the Latin’s women’s secret to those voluptuous curves. But no more, we are here to let you in on how to get that hourglass figure! 

What is a Colombian faja used for?

Like mentioned above, Spanish women have been wearing fajas to maintain and shape their hourglass figure! It has recently become popular again as Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have been known to use fajas and waist cinchers underneath their dresses and clothing. Another popular use is after pregnancy. Postpartum fajas compress loose skin and helps redefine your waist. They are also C-section approved! They actually help your muscles tighten and your body bounce back. Other common uses are during special events like quicianeras or weddings. There are even particular fajas that are seamless that will go perfectly with any thin material or dress design. Finally, a large portion of clients use fajas after their plastic surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, J-Plasma and etc.Other medical uses include compression garments for hernias or for back support.

How does a Colombian faja work?

Our Colombian fajas are made of skin friendly elastic called Powernet. It is a high compression textile known for its resistance. Our Colombian fajas are manufactured to fit like a second skin. It is meant to be tight, in order, to help shape your waistline and accentuate the butt. For everyday wear, the results when putting on a faja is an instant snatch but short term without any changes such as diet and exercise. For our post op babes, fajas are a must for your recovery journey.The compression of the faja prevents more swelling and inflammation, as well as helping your skin tighten properly!


May 25, 2022 — Nancy Calle